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Who are we?

Your One-stop shop for building components solutions and market-leader partner in the building components and construction market segment with modern building components and solutions.

We are the leaders in the market offering various building components including our fibre cement products which provides a superb combination of quality, performance and non-hazardous material to meet all your construction needs. 

Nigerite Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 1959 as a joint venture between the international Belgian group Etex N.V. and Odu´a Investment Company Limited of Nigeria. 

Nigerite Limited is the first and largest company in Nigeria engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and installation of New Technology cement fibre roofing and ceiling sheets, compressed sandcrete roofing tiles (CreteTile French and CreteTile Mission ) and DryWall construction solutions.

Factory in Lagos - aerial view

A solid market presence

a solid market presence

For over fifty-nine years NIGERITE has kept the leadership in the Nigerian market as the largest organization in West Africa engaged in manufacturing, marketing and installing ceiling and roofing products. The philosophy of the company has always been focused on excellent products, service and innovation to meet our customer's needs. 

Etex is an international group based in Belgium, manufacturing and marketing high quality materials for more than 105 years, with over 18,000 dedicated people and presence in more than 40 countries across all continents



Integrated Management System (Quality, Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement)

NIGERITE LIMITED, a member of ETEX Group is committed to reaching operational excellence through the manufacturing and sales of high quality building product for roofing, ceiling and cladding with related services, prevention of injury and ill health, protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and management of the significant Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental risks within the scope of our operations that comply with all applicable customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. We ensure continual improvement of our QHSE Management systems based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements in order to achieve our strategic objectives and enhance organizational performance.

This IMS policy is supported by measurable objectives, implemented, maintained and continually reviewed for suitability, effectiveness and continual improvement during management review meetings.

The Managing Director ensures that this IMS policy statement is communicated to relevant interested parties and all employees in a manner that shall ensure suitable application to assigned tasks.



Corporate Social Investments

Corporate Social Investments

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In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility objective, Nigerite Limited, the number one, one-stop building components solution provider has positioned herself for partnership with select schools in Nigeria under the theme: "The Youth, Our Future

"The Youth, Our Future" initiative by Nigerite is designed to empower and equip the Nigerian youth through the provision of conducive learning environments, (in the built environment) that will engender creativity and innovativeness. A learning environment that will enable our youths to compete on the world stage.

The academic environment is a place where innovation should be rife. It is our desire to see our youths practice the art of utilizing creative imagination, questioning and rewriting of old rules and thinking out of the box; these and more are the tenets of today's competitive world. The word " innovate or die" is more real today than ever before.

The strength of an institution is not measured only, by its physical structure, but more by the tenacity inculcated into the students to do the unimaginable. An institution should be a laboratory for ideas. In today’s world, the wealth of a nation is not measured strictly by it's natural resources, but by the quality of it's human capital, it’s ability to innovate and remain competitive. Institutions must therefore be built to permit and enable the full expression of the God giving potentials of our youths.

We look forward to seeing a competent generation of youths take over policy decisions in every aspect of this nation and beyond. Therefore the provision of an enabling environment for the youth is one of the ways we can achieve this.

In support of government’s effort, we are partnering with several government agencies in urban renewal efforts and are also actively involved in training programs for artisans.