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Kalsi Cement boards

KalsiCeiling 6mm

KalsiCeiling is suitable for ceiling applications with flush joints or open joints ceiling systems. It is really the best solution for dry areas and wet areas.

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KalsiWall 8mm and 10mm

KalsiWall 8mm and 10mm partitioning boards are strong and resistant while also having good flexibility. They can be bent for creating architectural and decorative designs. The curve’s maximum radius depends on the boards’ thickness. KalsiWall 8mm and 10mm partitioning boards are for interior partitioning applications (drywall system) with flush joints or open joints.

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KalsiClad 10mm and 12mm

Kalsiclad 10mm & 12mm boards provide a high degree of insulation whilst giving an monolithic look to the facade aspect. Kalsiclad 10mm & 12mm boards are used as rigid substrate for the insulation layer in buildings.

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KalsiFloor 20mm

Kalsifloor is a 20mm thick sub-flooring board for interior applications, for houses, apartments, and for public buildings with heavy traffic. When screwed to an adapted metal frame (design adapted to the expected live load and other parameters), KalsiFloor allows the quick preparation of a structure for the construction of mezzanines and additional stories.

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