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Kolor 7

Nigerite Kolor 7 is a coloured corrugated fibre-cement sheet which has almost the shape of a sinus. It has the strength and reliability of Fibre Cement Profile 7 which is well known worldwide. In cross section, one extreme end of the sheet has an upturn, while the other end a downturn, which gives a unique asymmetric profile in appearance and ensures a water tight side lap.

Kolor 7 is available in three unique colours but other colours may be made available on demand. It has a wide application in roofing and cladding where aesthetic and high product performance are of major consideration.

Kolor 7 has the following properties:

• Universal applications
• Non-combustible
• Strong and long-lasting
• Does not produce toxic fumes in event of fire
• Good insulator
• Available in a unique Terracotta (RED A and RED D) colours and Chocolate brown (other colours can be produced on demand)
• Beautifully packaged to prevent scratching
• Rot and rust proof
• Unique fasteners
• Wide range of accessories
• Completely weather proof
• Cost effective
• Comprehensive technical support

Kolor 7

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Kolor 7 is suitable for roofing of residential buildings, offices, hotels, schools, churches, factories, etc. It is also beautiful if used as vertical cladding for factories and other industrial buildings. 

The extent of its application as a creative roof solution is unlimited, with a wide range of accessories which are available to complement design flexibility.

  • K7 Accessories
  • Kolor 7 Specification


1 Two-Piece Ridge (TPR)

Kolor 7 two-piece ridge allows for flexibility in adjusting to slopes of double pitched roofs. It si essential that a ridge support is installed to keep the ridges in place all along the ridge line.

2 Hip Ridge (HP)

Flat-winged hip ridge for Kolor 7 is designed to give the roof a better finish at the hip. It is essential to determine the slope of the roof at the hip to be able to specify the angle required. Hip ridge comes in a maximum length of 2.4m with socket.

3 Barge Board (BB)
The symmetrical barge board has the same length to match the length of sheet used. It gives a neat and weather proof finish at the verge and shuld be laid from the eaves to ridge.

4 Eaves Curved Down Piece (ECDP)
Eaves curved down piece gives the roof a unique look at the eaves and covers the fascia board. The width of the ECDP is equal to the width of Kolor 7 sheet. The ECDP is designed for roofs with slope between 15 degrees and 25 degrees. For higher roof pitch, please contact our Technical Services Department for advice.

5 Apron Piece (AP)
This is used where a roof requires flashing with a vertical surface e.g. vertical walls, jack roofs, etc. Apron piece consists of a corrugated wing with a flat apron. It is designed to solve problems associated with the flashing area of the roofs. The piece has been designed for roofs with slopes between 15 degrees and 25 degrees. Apron piece could be produced to order for higher roof slopes.

6 Ridge Finial (RF)
Two-piece ridge finial is made to fit the ridge and the symmetrical barge board and thus neatly finishes the space at the intersection of the verge and main ridge line of the roof.
The ridge finial must be fixed in at least one point per piece.

7 Eaves Finial Barge Board (EFBB)
This is designed to neatly finish the eaves at the intersection of the symmetrical barge board and the eaves curve down piece. It has the same length as the ECDP.

8 Hip Ridge Eaves Finial (HREF)
This is designed to neatly finish the eave end at the intersection of the hip ridge and the eaves curve down piece.

9 Top Closure Piece (TCP)
The top closure piece is used to finish a lean-to roof to avoid flashing where the roof terminates on top of the support. The piece has the same width as the sheet.

Kolor 7 Specification:


Dimensions in mm

Overall Lengths

1800 ± 10

2400 ± 10

Overall Width

1097 ± 10





Net Covering Length



Net Covering Width




Max sheet overhang at eave


Minimum Slope

15 degree

Nominal Thickness

4.5mm ± 0.1

Pitch of Corrugation

177mm ± 2

Corrugation Height

51mm ± 2


< = 6

Net Covering Width




Bending Strength



Terracotta (Red A)

Weight 1800