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Alurr Shingles

Gothik Shingles

Gothik has an original geometrical shape; it is the new roofing system by Nigerite Limited. It is the perfect answer if you are looking for an original roof with a great aesthetics value. Unique colour shades turn your creative ideas into reality.

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Standard Shingles

Distinguished by its unequaled resistance, versatility and ease of installation, and above all by a range of 13 different colours, Standard provides the perfect solution to your requirements if you are looking for an original and beautiful roofing system. Furthermore, Standard chromatically fits in any surrounding environment.

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Master Shingles

Master uses two overlapping layers to successfully re-create the relief effect that is typical of traditional roofs. Moreover, it comes in different colours, so that it blends perfectly with any surrounding environment. The result is an extremely flexible asphalt shingle that can be easily installed even at low temperatures.

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Mosaik Shingles

Mosaik shingles create a beautiful “mosaic” effect on your roof, with its hexagonal patterns and unique chromatic nuances. The result of a new technology, Mosaik creates an original play of nuances and lends the roofing system an antique effect. Mosaik is particularly easy to lay, as the shingles feature wholly self-adhesive strips which makes it impermeable while the total adhesion of the strips are a guarantee of resistance to strong winds and heavy rainfall.

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