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Gemstone is made from high quality, precision engineered grooved metal panel finished with ‘gemstone’ textured coating. It is lightweight, durable, with acrylic coating for superior weather resistance.

It is aesthetically excellent and provides homeowners internal comfort superior to other commonly available metal tiles.

Gemstone is a single layer-roofing element made out of an AluZinc plate with a thickness of 0.45mm. The tile is finished with Stone granules covered with a UV-protective powder coating. One element weighs only 3,00kg (= 5,88kg/m²). 

Thanks to our quality control and the knowledge of one of the biggest powder coating manufacturers in the world; this roofing element is subject to a constant quality assurance.


Packaging: Single Multitile

Dimension: 1405 x 365 mm

Thickness per tile: 0.45mm

Weight per tile: 3kg Apprx.

Weight per m2 = 5.88kg

Colours: Anthracite grey, Black and Terracotta


• Long Barge Board

• Angle Ridge

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